Look to Zann & Associates for robust, effective strategies to work with small and diverse businesses

Your corporation, non-profit organization, or governmental agency should have a diversity and inclusion program. And it must be robust, effective, and strategic. Unfortunately, without expert guidance, many organizations initiate activity-driven programs that are shortsighted and do not fulfill core values, achieve public-sector objectives, or simply do not create economic development.

A track record of success: Your resource for supplier diversity and small-business program management

As a management consulting firm headquartered in Denver, we specialize in business diversity and inclusion strategies. Our clients rely on us to differentiate their small business programs, enhance their competitiveness, and contribute to profitability. We do this by offering 3 complementary services:

  • Supplier diversity strategies
  • DBE/SBE and M/WBE program development and management
  • Public outreach strategies

At Zann we believe well-designed business diversity and inclusion strategies, aligned with organizational objectives and supported throughout the organization, are business drivers that ensure your programs are strategic and effective. To meet that goal, we’ll work closely with your team to create and implement in-depth, comprehensive, highly strategic programs that are truly effective.

Look to Zann & Associates to create comprehensive, effective business diversity and inclusion strategies that positively impact your bottom line.